If you feel your order is missing please do the following things to help troubleshoot:

1) How long has it been since shipment? Australian orders should take no more than 15 working days, and international orders should take no more than 6 WEEKS.
2) Check around the property for the article, including behind pot plants, screen doors or other areas your postie may have safely dropped it.
3) Check at your local post office – on occasion they may hold an article but the collection card has been lost/misplaced.
4) Does tracking offer any information? Call your post office (or local Fastway depot if used) with your tracking/lodgement number for any updates.

If none of the above has helped locate your parcel, and it’s past the reasonable timeframe to arrive, please open a ticket with your order number, details and any steps you’ve taken to find the parcel. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.