The store credit is automatically set to a specific email address, either the one you have entered during checkout (the recipient’s) or if you chose to send it to yourself it is then set to your own email address (the one you have used to check out with). Please be very careful when entering this information during checkout to ensure the email addresses are accurate.

It is important that your receiver knows to use the email address that the voucher was sent to when checking out with their order. If they try to use an alternate email address the gift voucher will not work.

Tip: A voucher locked to an email with an account on this site will have the voucher tracked and shown in the account page.

I can't use my store credit code!

If you have been sent store credit for a gift but can't use it - it's very likely the sender has accidentally locked it either to their own email by mistake, or possibly put in an incorrect email. For us to adjust any store credit code we need the BUYER to contact us to request this. Please let your friend know to open a ticket with their order number, and include a request to have the store credit code transferred to x-address (x being your address, or the correct receiver's).