Reward Points

Modified on Fri, 27 Jan 2023 at 02:36 PM

Every time you make a purchase on our website you gain points which can be used for a discount on your next purchase. You must have an account with our website for this system as the points are linked to the account and tracked in our system.

Our reward points are called "Loyalty Lustres'. You can view your Loyalty Lustre balance in your website account here

How do I gain reward points?
Every .50c spent on merchandise awards the buyer one point. 

  • For example a non-discounted $13.50 purchase rewards 27 points; a $50 purchase awards 100 points; a $125.45 purchase awards 251 points.

Every product review awards 10 points. 

You can only review a product if you have purchased it under that account email. Reviews are submitted for approval; and please note we only approve non-generic (copy/paste) reviews that are unique to each product. This is to ensure genuine, helpful reviews by verified buyers are available for other customers :-)

Shipping fees do not award points, and discounts applied to your products will lower the point amount awarded.

How much do reward points discount?

1 point equates to a 0.025 discount. Usually customers use larger amounts of points though, so to make it a little easier to picture:

100 points equates to a $2.50 discount

250 points equates to a $6.25 discount

500 points equates to a $12.50 discount

750 points equates to a $18.75 discount

900 points equates to a $22.50 discount   ......... and so forth.

When you are checking out the website will ask you if you want to apply points to your order and this will scale to however many points you have available on your account OR to the maximum amount that can be used on your purchase (to the effect that all merchandise is free). 

  • For example if you have 3905 points and are placing an order - you may wish to use 500 points for $12.50 off; or all 3905 points for $97.63 off. If your order subtotal is below the $97.63 amount, you can only use as many points as will give you a complete discount on the merchandise. This means you can't waste points accidentally :-)

There is no limit for the discount that can be applied to an order, so if you have enough points you can use them for a ‘free’ order!

The discount will apply to merchandise only, NOT shipping.

Using points alongside promotions

This is subjective to each promotion as each will have varying terms of use. 

We cannot guarantee that your point discount will work with all other discount codes or promotions unfortunately.
Loyalty Lustres are not currently able to be redeemed alongside Store Credit.


I've seen an admin edit of my reward points in my account - what is this?

Admin adjustments usually happen when points aren't allocated properly, are redeemed on an in-store purchased that's placed in the system manually by ourselves, or points that need to be allocated/removed due to a system error. If you're not sure why points were adjusted, please don't hesitate to open a ticket with your details, applicable order number/s and relevant information. 

If you think an error has been made, please open a ticket.

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