Every time you make a purchase on our website you gain points which can be used for a discount on your next purchase. You must have an account with our website for this system as the points are linked to the account and tracked in our system.

Point values and important info:

  • Every .50c spent on merchandise awards the buyer one point. So a non-discounted $13.50 purchase rewards 27 points.
  • Shipping fees do not award points and discounts applied to your products will lower the point amount awarded.
  • 200 points equates to a $5 discount. There is no limit for the discount that can be applied to an order, so if you have enough points yes you can use them for a ‘free’ order.
  • You can view your point amount in your account.
  • Points usage scales with the discount. This means you do not have to use points in installments of 200; when you are checking out the system will ask you if you want to apply points to your order and this will scale to however many points you have available on your account OR to the maximum amount that can be used on your purchase (to the effect that all merchandise is free).
  • The discount will apply to merchandise only, NOT shipping.
  • Depending on certain sales or promotions we run we cannot guarantee point discounts can apply to all orders that take advantage of the sale.
  • Some products may grant more than the dollar value of points, especially if part of a promotion. To ensure you don’t miss out feel free to subscribe to our FB page for updates.