Store Credit, eGift Card, and Discount Codes

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Store Credit is a balance (in your account on our website) that can be redeemed on a purchase. It is a unique discount code, locked to your email, that is obtained by either receiving a eGift Card from another person or issued by Femme Fatale staff. 

Store credit is not exchangeable for cash equivalent.

Most credits (also referred to as a code) will have an expiry applied. If your code expires, it can no longer be redeemed against a purchase, and is also non-refundable.

Explain the difference between store credit, eGift Card, and discount code?

As above, a store credit is a balance of credit in your account that you can use against a purchase, to discount the amount paid upon checkout. It often has an expiry; and is found in your account listed as 'Store Credits'. 

An eGift Card is a virtual item that you (or another person) can purchase on our website, that sends a unique code number to a chosen receiver. An eGift Card essentially issues a store credit balance. 

A store credit can also be issued by Femme Fatale. For example we may issues a credit for a postage refund (if you combined some orders, and selected the credit option), or by way of apology for delayed delivery of items, or perhaps a customer may opt for a credit over a refund for a faulty item. 

Both the eGift option, and an issued store credit, show in the account as 'Store Credits'. They have a dollar balance that does not have to be used in one purchase. For example if you have a credit of $50, and use it against a purchase of $22.50; the remaining balance will be $27.50 for you to use on a future order. 

A discount code is a different item that is usually part of a promotion that we run sporadically through the year, such as Black Friday. A discount code will often be a set discount (example 10% off a particular brand, or $10 off your cart subtotal) and doesn't have a balance that will reduce as used. Often a discount code will be valid for one use only, or between a certain date window. For example we issue a $10 birthday code to newsletter subscribers, this is a discount code valid for one use with a 3 month window before expiry. 

Discount codes are also viewable in your account, where applicable. If none show, that means none are currently available. 

How do I send a store credit / eGift Card?

Select your value amount. Add the eGift Card item to cart and proceed to checkout. 

No shipping fees will apply as it is a virtual item. 

After you have filled in the address/billing section, you will note the option to 'Send Coupons To". Here you can choose yourself (note this will lock the code to the email linked to your account on our website) or to another person. 

If you chose to send to another email, you will be prompted to:

  1. Select whether you want the code delivered now, or at a later date and time. 
  2. Enter the email address of the recipient who will receive the code.
  3. Enter an (optional) message to the recipient. 

Once you have completed payment, the code for the store credit is issued via email to the select email address. The code is required to be entered at checkout for the discount to apply. 

Unlike many discount codes, a store credit code (both the type issued by a eGift Card purchase or Femme Fatale) is locked to a specific email address. Regardless of who may have the code, it will only apply to the website account to whom the email belongs. If you need us to change a code from your email address to another, please open a ticket.

Who can use store credit?

As noted above, a store credit code (both the type issued by an eGift Card purchase or Femme Fatale) is locked to a specific email address. 

If you are purchasing an eGift for another person, please be very careful when entering this information during checkout to ensure the email addresses are accurate. It is important that your receiver knows to use the email address that the eGift was sent to when checking out with their order. If they try to use an alternate email address the code will not work.

If you need us to change a code from your email address to another, please open a ticket.

What if I am having trouble using my store credit / eGift code?

If you have been sent store credit for a gift but can't use it - it's very likely the sender has accidentally locked it either to their own email by mistake, or possibly put in an incorrect email. 

For us to adjust any store credit code we need the BUYER to contact us to request this. They can submit a ticket here. Please let them know to include their order number and the request to have the code transferred to your address. The ticket must be opened from the same email account that the code is locked to, to ensure we can verify the purchaser.

Store credit / eGift expiry

All store credit issued via eGift are valid for 36 months only. If you are purchasing for a friend, please be sure to let them know of the purchase window.

Store credit applied to your account in lieu of a refund for an order/item has a unique expiration date set at manager discretion.

Store credit issued for excess postage on combined orders has a 6 month window for use. 

Expired store credit balance is not redeemable for cash, additional credit, merchandise of equal or lesser value; nor can it be reissued. 

Discount coupons that are part of our promotions (such as Black Friday, Annual Reopening Sale, Birthday Coupons etc) are subject to their own terms, and are also not applicable for backdating or rainchecks.

Getting a copy of a misplaced store credit code

All store credit codes are locked to your account and will be displayed in your account dashboard. They also show up during checkout, prompting you to apply them to your order.

If a code is not in your dashboard, it means it has already been used, is expired, or is locked to another email address. 

For us to provide you with a code, we will need to verify that the code belongs to you. If you purchased the code you can send us a copy of your receipt; if you were the receiver of a store credit gift you will need to ask the buyer to contact us.

Does store credit carry over multiple orders?

Yes it can do, provided your balance total is greater than that of your initial order. The balance can not be manually split between multiple orders (whereas this type of discount is available with our reward points). 

For example, if your store credit balance is $100 and you place a $55 order, a remaining balance of $45 will be available for your following order. 

However, you are not able to chose to apply $25 (of a $100 balance) to an order with a $55 value; it will automatically apply the full balance available. 

Once the full amount has been depleted the code automatically becomes invalid and can no longer be used.

We do not have the option to split a store credit balance manually across orders. 

Shipping is also covered under store credit. 

Does store credit combine with other promotions?

This is subjective to each promotion, and we have varying terms within each promotion.

We cannot guarantee that your store credit will work with all other discount codes or promotions unfortunately.

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