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This page lists upcoming and past preorders for all our brands. You can check back regularly to see when stock is in processing of shipping, or has been loaded onto our website. 

If you are unfamiliar with our preorder process, or have a question, please scroll to the bottom of the page (under the table) for a list of our preorder times, terms and general information. All preorder items are FINAL SALE and cannot be cancelled under change of mind. This is part of our terms agreed to when you place an order for a preorder item. You can read through our Preorder Terms & Conditions here

BrandPurchase WindowETA Ship-By DateSeller Has ShippedShipped to BuyersExcess ListedNotes
Emily de Molly
03 - 17Aug 16xxx
May, June releases and PPU Rewind.
New Collection
01 - 10Aug 30x

Summer '24
01 - 07Aug 30xxx
Longer delivery timeframe due to going via USA forwarder.
Polish Pickup Rewind
Ship-by date Sept 17th
01 - 17
Participating brands (updated regularly, please check back):  By Dany Vianna, Cadillacquer,  DAM Polish, Femme Fatale, Garden Path, Grace-ful.
Cabana, Stars & Stripes
19 - 26Aug 23xxx
Plus other general catalogue shades.
Bee's Knees Lacquer
Elden Ring
14 - 25July 31xxx
New Elden Ring Collection, and Tempest of Tea Mysteries.
A England
General Catalogue
14 - 28July 31xxx
Chaos, Fruit Salad
12 - 21Aug 23xxx
Plus other general catalogue shades.
End of Financial Year Sale June 7th - 12th. Save 10-20% off majority of brands when you spend $150+ with code EOFYS20 / EOFYS10. Free Shipping for Australians (spend over $150), USA (spend over $350), Canadians (spend over $450), and $20 store credit back to New Zealand customers on orders over $300 (no codes required). All orders with a subtotal over $250 receive $12.50 store credit, over $350 for $25 credit, and over $450 for $45 credit (no codes required). See (here) for full sale information and applicable T&C
Femme Fatale
May & June Monthlies
01 - 11July 5n/axx
Let Us Be Elegant or Die and I Ate All Your Bees (May June COTM), Ribbon Weave and Fiesta (May June Rare Tinsel), Spirit Board and Eternal Twilight May June Peculiar Mystery)
Rogue Lacquer
01 - 07Aug 23xxx
Countdown to Summer Advent Calendar, Psychedelic Slushies Collection, Nostalgic Trends Polish, Halfway to Halloween Duo, Austen-tatious Collection
General shades
01 - 07Aug 30xxx
By Dany, By Vanessa, Whatcha Collab
24 - 31July 19xxx
Save $74 AUD on the full bundle of all three sets: Gemini, Taurus and Aries. During preorder only.
Vanessa Molina
8th Bday & Xmas
24 - 31July 19xxx
New collections plus some general catalogue shades. May not be restocked past this preorder. 
By Dany Vianna
Gossamer Wings
24 - 31July 19xxx
Polish Me Silly
New Glows
24 - 31Aug 9xxx
New collections plus some general catalogue shades. May not be restocked past this preorder.
DAM Polish
New Shades
17 - 23Aug 9xx
Dark Eyed Blossom, It's Ya Girl's Birthday, Best May Ever, Stormy Siblings, Merely a Mirage, Plus other OOS shades from general catalogue
Bee's Knees
Daughter of the Moon
17 - 23June 28xx
Plus Phantom Blurring Base, Hurricane Wars Mystery Bags, House of Flame & Shadow Overpours and individual Mystery Bag shades.
Cirque Colors
New Collection
17 - 23July 12xxx
Plus general catalogue colours. Please let us know if there is a shade you would like us to add to this preorder :-)
Garden Path
80s Fantasy
10 - 16July 12xxx
Wildflower Lacquer
Jeweled Collection
10 - 16July 12
Preorder finishing May 24th but remaining stock is capped, meaning we've ordered X-amount now, and can sell a few extra in an extended preorder. Bundle is not included.
Candy Glaze
09 - 15July 12xxx
Plus general catalogue colours. Please let us know if there is a shade you would like us to add to this preorder :-)
Mix It Up Neons
30 - 07June 21xx
Plus general catalogue colours. Please let us know if there is a shade you would like us to add to this preorder :-)
Sassy Sauce
New release
27 - 03July 12x
Songs of Sirens
27 - 08June 21x
Dark Omens not available currently, apologies.
26 - 02June 21
Plus general catalogue colours. Please let us know if there is a shade you would like us to add to this preorder :-)
Nailed It
Kawaii Boba, In Bloom
20 - 26June 21xx
Plus Charity shade Angels Among Us
Bee's Knees Lacquer
Heartless Hunter
20 - 26June 7
Minora not available at this time. Cap of 1 p/p of A Tempest of Tea mystery bag (shades will be available at a later date).
Cirque Colors
Twisted Tea Party
20 - 26June 21xx
Some recent shades will not be in this preorder as they're due to be restocked this coming week
By Dany Vianna
29 - 17June 7
Phoenix Indie
29 - 17June 7
Femme Fatale
New Colours
01 - 17May 10n/ax
7 new catalogue additions in uncapped preorder; these will be available at a later date with swatches if you prefer to wait. Plus we will have the April COTM, RT and PM. Note longer shipping window as we're away.
DAM Polish01 - 15June 7xx
Arcana Perfume
20 - 26May 24x
Poesie Perfume
20 - 26May 24x
Girly Bits
16 - 23May 24
Nail Lacquer only
16 - 23May 24
Shipping via Canadian freight forwarder, longer timeframe applies. 
Bee's Knees Lacquer
House of Flame and Shadow
16 - 23May 10
HoFaS Collection, HoFaS Mystery Bag (1 p/p cap - the bags will NOT be restocked but individual shades may be at a later date). Capped Usher shades and BTA polish. 
Cirque Colors
Glazed 2024
09 - 16May 10
New Glazed collection plus general catalogue. 
Glisten & Glow
08 - 15May 10
Top/base coats, new collections and general catalogue shades.
Sea-ing is Believing
08 - 15May 10
Plus other OOS shades

General Preorder Information

Important: Please read our Preorder Terms & Conditions prior to placing any order/s containing preorder items. 

What is a preorder?

A preorder is the sale of stock which is yet to physically arrive into our shop. When you purchase a preorder item, you are paying for it upfront and essentially 'reserving' that item. The majority of our preorders are uncapped sale, which means you can purchase as many units as you like. This is beneficial as we often restock units (following the preorder) in a limited capacity. Some colours will not be restocked at all. So if you choose to purchase during the preorder, it removes the risk of you missing out on an item whether because it isn't restocked or because it may be available but in a low or capped number.
If you prefer to shop once we have the items physically in stock, you are welcome to check back on this page regularly for the 'Excess Listed' column to be ticked. This indicates any extra stock we have from that preorder is now available on the website. 

All preorder items are considered final sale, and cannot be cancelled under change of mind.

Preorder Table Headers Explained:

Purchase Window: The timeframe during which you can order the available stock

ETA Ship-By Date: The approximate date we ship your preorder items to you.

Seller Has Shipped: Whether stock has shipped to us from the brand yet.

Shipped to buyers: Whether we have dispatched the stock to the customer yet.

Excess Listed: Whether any leftover stock we have ordered is listed on the site to purchase.
Notes: Relevant information regarding caps, quantities, products, shipping information etc.

SO: Indicates Sold Out. Example: a preorder window may say "Feb 5th - SO" meaning stock is available until sold out.
N/A: Indicates Not Applicable.

Preorder Times

Generally preorder stock becomes available at 9am AEST on the scheduled open date; and close 3pm AEST on the scheduled closure date. In most cases we will offer a new release as a bundle with a discount of 5-10% depending on number of units.
We are Australian and use AEST (no daylight savings as we’re in QLD).


Our ETA Ship-By Date is an approximation and more often than not we ship before this date. On the odd occasion, usually due to postal delays or perhaps the maker is waiting on a delivery of pigment or bottles etc, the brand stock may arrive past the ETA date. In these instances we note delays on the schedule notes; and in longer delays we will reach out to affected customers to make them aware and offer a resolution. We recommend you check back on this page to see how the stock is progressing through transit and our dispatch, and whether we can advise of any delays.

Outside of severe delays or stock discrepancies; all preorder sales are final and cannot be cancelled under change of mind.


We offer worldwide shipping for all our store items. Please view our other solutions in our support portal for information on how to hold an order to combine with future orders, to save postage. We cannot apply the combination/hold process retroactively to orders placed during peak periods (busy preorders, sales etc). 

Cancellations / Refunds

Our shop has information on our general refund process here

In general, we do not cancel preorder items under change of mind. These terms must be agreed upon for a customer to check out with the preorder item; so please ensure you read the website information carefully when shopping. In extremely rare circumstances a preorder item may be cancelled (for example, if a customer accidentally orders two of the same item) but these are issued as a store credit with 6 month expiry. Cancellations/Refunds are at manager discretion, and we appreciate your understanding that in the majority of instances preorder items are considered final sale and will not be cancelled from an order

Additional Information / Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our Preorder FAQ page here for further information

You can find our Preorder Terms & Conditions of sale here

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