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Refunds are processed via the same payment method used with the original order. 

Refunds may be available for:

  • Customer requesting a cancellation if the order has not shipped. This refund can be provided in full, including postage paid. 
  • A missing, incorrect or damaged item claimed within 48 hours of receivership (find out more here). 
  • A faulty item claimed within 30 days of receivership.
  • A parcel lost or damaged during transit if insurance was purchased by the customer.
  • Customer requesting cancellation of a returned-by-carrier order (shipping fee and processor (PayPal/bank) fees are not refunded, please note a return fee and a restock fee will apply. See Returns Page for more information).
  • Excess postage paid across combined orders if the customer has correctly used the Order Hold and & Ship Orders items. Please find out more information on excess postage refunds/credits here as the amount refunded is subject to several factors and may vary.

Refunds are not available for:

  • Customer requesting a cancellation of a shipped order. 
  • Multiple orders that have shipped separately (an individual shipping fee applies to each individual parcel).
  • A missing, incorrect, or damaged item claimed outside the 48 hour window (since receivership).
  • A faulty item claimed outside of the 30 days window since receivership. 
  • A customer issue with a product that is the result of application technique, body chemistry or storing a unit inappropriately.
  • Items damaged or missing during transit if parcel insurance was not purchased. 
  • Parcels that have a 'confirmation of delivery' scan provided by the carrier. Mail theft must be pursued with local law enforcement.
  • Orders that have included the Order Hold item (as this marks the entire order as final sale). 
  • Final sale items such as: all preorder items, scratch-and-dent items, sample items sold "as-is", thermals which have ceased transitioning due to being 'On Hold' for order combination.
  • Orders combined by staff where the customer did NOT utilise the Order Hold / Ship Orders items correctly. In these instances where a combination was possible, any excess postage paid is issued to your account as a Store Credit balance (and will include the complimentary extra 10%) with a 6 month expiry. 

Claim of Faulty Item/s

We ask that customers check all their items from an order as soon as it is received; and lodge a ticket within 30 days if you think an item is faulty. 

Faulty items may include the following:

  • A bottle with a crack or fracture (this can also be classified as damaged goods; which also covers any breakages or leaking of product during transit).
  • A nail lacquer which is excessively thick and difficult to apply. 
  • A brush that has broken or curls to the extent that it cannot be trimmed or permit you to apply lacquer in a easy fashion. 
  • A batch colour difference in excess of 10%. With handmade items we can expect a minor variance between batches of a colour as it's difficult to obtain 100% accuracy in colour matching with small batch production. This is part of the charm in buying handmade and supporting artisanal work. However we would not classify a small colour variance as a fault. 
  • An incorrect item received (this is not a fault but we are listing it here as it is grounds for a replacement or refund, and is also subject to the same 30 day terms). 

Considerations not classified as a faulty product:

  • A thermal which has slowed or ceased transitioning either past 6 months of purchase OR was a unit that was put on hold and later combined to save you postage (this is noted on the Order Hold item, that thermals are therefor exempt from being considered faulty due to the added length of time between purchasing and receiving).
  • A neon colour, as unfortunately they are known to fade over time (especially if exposed to sunlight).
  • A product of medium/thicker consistency which is normal for the brand. Each brand has a different supplier, formula and utilised different materials; meaning that all lacquers will apply and wear slightly differently. 
  • If you have added a medium to the polish (acetone, thinner or another polish to 'frankenpolish' a new colour). Tampering with a product in this method automatically excludes it from being considered for any fault. 
  • A batch colour variation within 10% unless reported otherwise by the brand. On occasion the brand will replace, or we can refund, if they find a batch variation to be too noticeable. 
  • Poor wear time or issues with application which may be the result of body chemistry, insufficient nail prep / base treatment, roughness with your hands (being careless can lead to more chipping), nail biting, and so forth. 

If 30 days have passed since your receivership, we cannot offer you a full refund. 

If you feel you have received a faulty item please open a ticket with us containing the following information:

  1. Your name, order number, and receiving date of the affected unit/s
  2. A clear and concise description of the fault or problem. If you have tried any troubleshooting steps, please also advise us. 
  3. Photographs of the issue which clearly depict your concern. Your image size should be a minimum res of 1000x1000 for ease of assessment. Ensure it is not blurry, out of focus or that the item is not obstructed. Videos are also helpful especially for complaints of consistency or application.

The more information provided to us the better we can assess the issue, and contact the brand if necessary for their advice or to let them know of a potential batch issue.
For damaged, missing or incorrect items received, please view additional information here. 

Returning a Faulty Item for Assessment

In rare circumstances where we are not able to sufficiently determine there is a fault with your item, you may be required to return it to us so we can inspect it in person. When this is required, the customer must pay postage on the return. We ask that you use the standard parcel post method (not express) with tracking, package the item/s carefully, and provide a photocopy of your postage receipt. 

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

  • If you are approved, then your refund will be processed within 7 days and we will also refund you for the shipping fee you paid (standard only). 
  • If a claim of faulty item is rejected, you will be responsible for the return postage of the item back to you, and no product refund will be processed. A postage reimbursement is not available.

Missing Parcel

In extremely rare circumstances parcels can go missing. This can be because of an incorrectly-addressed label, a missing label (damaged occurs during sorting facility), mail theft, etc. If you think your parcel has been delivered, but can't immediately locate it, please work through the following steps as soon as possible:

  1. Check around your property for safe drops (behind pot plants, under chairs, next to stairs).
  2. Check with your neighbours or other household members in case they have collected your parcel for you.
  3. Visit your closest Post Office in case the driver has taken it back there to redeliver or hold for collection.
  4. Call your closest DHL depot to check on whether the driver still has the parcel and you need to organise a redelivery. 
  5. If possible, speak directly with your mailman and enquire about the delivery. 
  6. Call Australia Post / USPS and OPEN A CLAIM. This can be done by both seller and receiver; the postal rep should be able to lodge a query to obtain the GSPS scan data from your delivery which can help troubleshoot. 
  7. The more information you can collect, the quicker both the carrier (and we) can resolve the issue for you. Following the above steps helps rule out potential avenues of error. We do occasionally see mail going to the wrong address which is safely recovered by the customer, so we always highly encourage you to call your carrier and try to speak with your driver as soon as possible.

Australia Post: Phone 13 76 78 or submit an enquiry here.
DHL: Chat online (USA) or general customer service links here.
USPS: Phone 1-800-275-8777 or Online enquiry form (for either location query or stolen articles)

In some instances, a replacement or refund is applicable for a missing parcel:

  • We can refund or replace an order at our expense if we have made an error with the address, causing it go missing or be unrecoverable by the carrier. 
  • If your parcel has gone missing (there is no delivery scan) and you have purchased transit insurance. Sometimes delivery delays occur. If you see no movement on your parcel for 7 days (DHL) or 14 days (Aus Post, USPS), please contact the carrier directly for information.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a replacement or refund in other circumstances:

  • If the parcel has gone to the incorrect address (provided by customer) and cannot be recovered. 
  • If your parcel has a delivery scan confirming an instructed safe drop or has a signature; and the carrier is able to confirm through GSPS scan data or photographs that the location delivery matches the shipping address.
  • If you have requested a safe drop (waived signature) even if you have insurance purchased.
  • If you do not have insurance purchased for your shipment and it is missing or damaged in transit.

Please be aware that is it the buyer's responsibility to ensure their mail is arriving to a secure, safe location. Unfortunately, mail theft can occur. We highly recommend the use of Parcel lockers, PO Boxes, or personal lock boxes on your property to which an article can be delivered to that no one can access afterwards. Alternatively, we recommend delivery to a residence where there is someone to sign for the article, or your workplace where you can personally sign for your delivery. Please note that waiving signature on delivery means that a safe drop is a confirmation of delivery - this means even if you have insurance, and it is safe dropped but then goes missing, we cannot claim the insurance

If at any time you suspect mail theft has occurred, please contact your carrier immediately for assistance and guide on follow steps to take. Many carriers have processes to follow for theft that vary from regular 'missing in transit' forms. 

Femme Fatale is not able to offer a replacement, refund or other reimbursement on articles that do not have sufficient insurance. Articles marked as delivered are considered as such, and refunds/replacements are not applicable. 

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