Preorder Terms & Conditions

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By purchasing a preorder item, you are agreeing to the following terms of sale.

  • The terms 'user', 'buyer', 'customer' and 'you' refer to yourself, the person who may be shopping with us or browsing our website. 
  • The terms 'our', 'seller' and 'we' refer to Femme Fatale. 

What defines a preorder item

An item listed for sale on our website ( which is not physically in our warehouse. A preorder item is identified by:

a) A banner on the item in catalogue view denoting 'PREORDER ME'

b) The item is located under a category (see item breadcrumb on the listing) which specifically includes the word 'preorder', usually following the brand name. Example breadcrumb is: Home / Shop / Preorder / Colores de Carol Preorder

c) The product listing advertising 'PREORDER ITEM' under the description, but above the 'add to cart' button. In addition, it will note several points:

  • Extended shipping time-frame applies. 
  • See Release Schedule for purchase window and shipping dates. 
  • Your order will ship once all preorder items have arrived.

d) You must tick a box that clearly states in bold, "Final Sale. Extended delivery date applies. Preorder T&C are understood" in order to proceed to adding the item to your cart.

e) The cart displays a message "Preorder item: Final sale. Extended delivery date applies. Preorder T&C are understood" (this will also show on your order receipt). 

If you do not wish to purchase a preorder item, please do not add to cart items that indicate (as noted above) that it is a preorder item. 

Final sale

All preorder items are considered final sale. This means cancellations are not offered due to change of mind. In extremely rare circumstances, Femme Fatale (at our discretion) may offer a store credit with 6 month validity for the cancellation of a preorder item. This is almost exclusively for customers who accidentally purchase 2 of the same item during checkout. Cancellations and refunds are not issued for other reasons including change of mind. Change of mind includes decisions such as not wanting the product any longer, sourcing the product from another supplier, saying you were "not aware" that it was a preorder item, and so forth. 

General Conditions

Femme Fatale has the obligation to:

a) Clearly identify to the website user that an item is a 'Preorder Item'. It is our responsibility to communicate to the customer that the item is not a regular, in-stock item like the majority of our catalogue. We do this using the 'Preorder Me' banner, and notes on both the product listing, and cart. In order for a customer to proceed through placing an order, they must agree to the Preorder Terms & Conditions on that listing, which indicates the customer is aware that it is in fact, a preorder item. 

b) Provide to the customer a timeframe to which the preorder product will be dispatched to the customer once an order is placed. This information is available on our Release Schedule page here, which outlines the preorder windows and expected dispatch dates for each brand. Delays are a infrequent occurrence with some orders, and the Release Schedule page is updated accordingly in the event of a delay. In the event of extreme delays or unforeseen circumstances, Femme Fatale may contact the customers by email with further information (and any appropriate offer of resolution). 

c) Provide the customer with the product that has been purchased. As noted in point b) if we have some unforeseen circumstances that delay or prevent the supply of the preorder item, we will contact the affected customers by email and with an offer of resolution. For example: if a product cannot be supplied, our offer of resolution is to refund the product.

d) Ensure that our terms and conditions of sale apply fairly and equally to all customers. 

e) Provide a refund or replacement in the event of transit loss/damages (if insurance is purchased) or in the event of product fault. Replacements may not always be feasible, so it is at Femme Fatale discretion to which of the two is issued. In the event of claim of faulty goods, the customer may be required to return the item for assessment. More information on returns is available here.

Femme Fatale is not obligated to:

a) Provide to the customer a refund or store credit in the event of a minor delay of delivery of preorder product. Delays can occur for multiple reasons such as: material delays with the brand, stock delay in transit due to carrier, delays in dispatch of stock by the brand, and so forth. A minor delay is considered to be between 1-14 days past the expected ETA of dispatch (from us to you of the preorder product). If we expect delays past 14 days, we will contact you with offer of resolution. 

b) It should be noted that our regular terms and conditions of sale in regards to supply of goods where the customer opts for NO insurance on the article will also apply to preorder goods. Meaning, in the event of the customer opting to NOT insure a parcel for transit safety; Femme Fatale is not liable to replace or refund goods which may go missing or are damaged in transit. Our general site-wide Terms & Conditions of sale can be located here for your perusal. 

c) Provide a reimbursement or credit or replacement for goods which have been delivered to the incorrect address through no fault of Femme Fatale. This means if you place an order for a preorder item, it is your responsibility to update us if your address or personal information changes at any point in time between the order being placed and the expected delivery time noted on the Release Schedule. 

d) Combine multiple orders placed (with or without preorder items) if the customer has not utilised the Order Hold feature appropriately. We are not obliged to retroactively combine orders; but we may do so at our discretion if the current order volume in dispatch permits us to. 

e) Make preorder stock available to the customer before the set launch date; reserve stock ahead of a preorder for a customer in the instance where it may take away the ability for other customers to have a fair and even chance of obtaining the item; email individual customers once an item comes back into stock (please join an item's waitlist for this feature); apply any promotional codes retrospectively; place a manual preorder order through for a customer after the preorder window closes. 

Limited Availability of Product (Capped Sale)

In some instances a preorder product is available in a limited capacity. Often in these instances, we implement a 1-per-person cap on the item; and this may apply to multiple items. For example we may have 10 new colours, each with a 1-per-person cap. You may purchase 1 of each of these colours, so a total of 10 different items would be in your cart. But you could not purchase 2+ of a single item.

Often these caps are applied to highly sought-after items from popular brands, to ensure that many customers are given the opportunity to purchase a limited item opposed to only a handful of customers buying up all the stock. 

The limitation of 1-per-person/account/address applies to:

  1. Person (name of buyer)
  2. Receiver (name of whoever is receiving the order)
  3. Address
  4. Payment email
  5. Account email

Meaning that we cross check all of those details to ensure that a customer is not ordering multiples and sending them to their mother/friend/workplace etc. 

Femme Fatale reserves the right to cancel and refund any additional orders placed. In repeated instances, Femme Fatale reserves the right to refuse sale in entirety for an undetermined amount of time (if not indefinitely). 

Limited Availability of Product (Australia / International Restrictions)

In rare circumstances Femme Fatale may lock the first several hours of a preorder (from 1 up to 24 hours) to Australian and New Zealand customers. In some instances this may be extended to additional Asia/Pacific regions. 

During this window, orders from other regions would be cancelled and refunded without notice. After the window has expired, international customers would be welcome to place their order as normal. 

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