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All of our individual website listings will include the following information:

  • Product ml & fl oz (or other appropriate size/weight measurement)
  • Relevant information on manufacture (ingredients avoided, animal testing, vegan-friendly, etc). 
  • Application notes or other information the brand has made available about the product.

This information is always provided to us by the brand, and we update our website accordingly once notified of any changes to a brand's catalogue, general product information, or application guide. 

Ingredient Listings

As of June 2022 we are in process of updating our website to provide a singular reference point for ingredients per brand, which can be found on our Nail Lacquer Ingredients page. This page ultimately will provide to our customers a comprehensive index where you can find all the ingredients for each brand of nail polish that we offer; it will also make providing updates to formulations efficient (as we can make 1 page edit, opposed to editing 100-300 product listings). 

This change is a time-consuming process, and we greatly appreciate your patience. 

As we process these changes, we will be replacing the ingredient listing on each product with a link to redirect you to the Nail lacquer Ingredients page.

Please carefully read all product information of what you are buying, to ensure it meets your requirements. We are not able to offer change-of-mind returns due to the cosmetic nature of our catalogue. 

If you have any questions please open a ticket, we are more than happy to assist you :-)

General Product Information for Nail Lacquer

The following information applies to our entire catalogue of lacquer available on 

Safety of use and application
As with all nail lacquer, please only apply to clean nails and discontinue use if irritation applies. None of our products are for application to mucous membranes, nor should they be ingested. 

None of our products are suitable for pet or child use. Small parts may pose a choking hazard, especially to pets or children, so please ensure you use (and store) nail lacquer well away from from little ones.

Our current range of lacquer is not gel-based and does not require a UV lamp. 

All nail lacquers are flammable (paint grade) and should never be opened or used around heat sources or open flame. Ensure that you only use nail lacquer in a well-ventilated location. 

Longevity and wear

Lacquer is suitable to be worn for as few a several days, through to several weeks; but this does not mean that the product will not chip or wear away during that time. Many variables affect the longevity of nail lacquer - such as the unit's storage and age, application technique, your body chemistry, types of base/top coats used, how rough your are with your hands, etc. 

Femme Fatale makes no claim to the longevity or wear type of any products in our catalogue.

Shelf life and storage 

All lacquers are best to be used within the first 12 months of purchase; and while they can be used past that point, the lacquer may thicken (in particular if it is not well-sealed and kept in a cool environment) which can increase drying time and affect the ease of your application.

Neon formulations are known to fade over time, and fading of a neon product is not considered a fault of manufacture. Refunds or returns are not applicable to neon nail lacquers. You can prolong the lifespan of a neon by keeping the unit well-sealed in a dark location, away from heat or direct sunlight. 

All thermal formulations eventually cease transitioning. A transition period is the amount of time a thermal remains active, meaning how long it will change from one colour to another based temperature variables. 

Once a thermochromic pigment is added to the nail polish base, it starts deteriorating and causing the transitioning properties to slow (before finally ceasing) over time. A ceased thermal will be locked in either the warm, mid, or cold temperature state - but which state it will cease transitioning in can't be predicted, unfortunately. 

The general shelf life for thermals is 6-12 months. However, some thermals will continue transitioning past that point - we have known some to cease after 12 months, and some to continue to be active after 7 years! 

Keeping your thermal stored in a dark place, away from direct sunlight, and well-sealed, will help it last as long as possible. Unfortunately, extremely warm climates will hasten the decline of the thermal.

Ultimately we recommend that if you purchase a thermal, you use it as much as possible in those first few months to enjoy the transitional phase for as long as possible :-) Thermals which have ceased transitioning past 6 months of purchase are not applicable for a refund or return under a claim of fault. 

General Product Information for Manicure Accessories

Please see individual listings for information on our manicure accessories, as we have a lot of product variations.

None of our products are suitable for pet or child use. Small parts (in particular the magnets) may pose a choking hazard, especially to pets or children, so please ensure you use (and store)these items well away from from little ones.

General Product Information for Perfume

The following information applies to our entire range of perfumes on

  • Please find a list of ingredients, packaging and sizing here

Safety of Use and Application

All perfumes are for external use only and are not to be applied to mucous membranes. Do not apply to broken skin. Avoid application directly after a hot shower/bath.

Suitable for adult use only; never apply perfumes to toddlers or pets. Small parts may pose a choking hazard to children or pets, please ensure you store your perfumes in a safe location.

Even when a product is made with great care and high-quality materials, allergies may occur. Some essential oils (EO) and high-quality fragrance oils have been known to cause skin irritation if not diluted, so please err on the side of caution if you have skin sensitivities or are using a product for the first time. We recommend all customers complete a 48 hour patch test prior to wearing a perfume. 

48 hour patch test: Perform the patch test by placing a small drop of the perfume on the inside of your forearm, and cover with a band-aid. Check the spot over the following 48 hours. If irritation, redness or any other reaction occurs, gently remove the remaining product with water and follow up with your general physician. 

Perfume containing citrus oils can be phototoxic, and should not be used prior to prolonged sun exposure. Consult your physician if you are pregnant or nursing, prior to using any products containing essential oils or absolutes; or if you have any concerns about an ingredient.

Any information provided about perfumery is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor guarantee a certain result. Please consult your general physician or do you own preliminary research prior to use. 

Application: Perfume oils are worn directly on the skin. They are extrait concentration, ready to wear and provide a more intimate experience than the alcohol-based EDPs. Please find application tips below.

Longevity and Tips for Trying New Perfumes

Base note heavy perfumes will last longer than lighter fruit forward fragrances. Longevity, throw and performance is unique to each fragrance, and your skin chemistry plays a factor as well. Here are some tips from Solstice Scents about how to maximise your experience and have the most likelihood of success with your new perfumes:

  1. Do not smell all your perfumes at one time. Your nose may become overwhelmed and not all of the scent notes may be apparent. This means DO NOT test all 5 or 10 of your samples all at one time, on different parts of your body and use this as your sole judging criteria! You may experience a temporary anosmia where you cannot detect certain notes. You may prematurely discard a scent in this state and miss out on a real gem.
  2. Never judge a perfume directly out of the bottle. They are often strong directly from the bottle/sample vial and the top notes (shortest lived) may be the most apparent. Test the perfume directly on your skin. It is the only way that the perfume is able to unfold and morph. The top notes will evaporate and lead you toward the longer-lasting heart and base notes. Perfume is a journey. Smelling a perfume from the bottle does not give an accurate depiction of the true aroma.
  3. Resting your perfumes after they arrive: Perfumes may suffer from "mail shock" when you receive them. This phenomenon occurs mostly during very hot and cold weather where the perfume may be warm or cold for several days in transit. This can temporarily affect the scent. If you allow your perfumes to rest in your house for at least 24 to 48 hours, they will become stable and truly reveal themselves. We highly encourage you to revisit any perfumes you didn't immediately love directly out of the mailbox after a few weeks.
  4. The skin chemistry phenomenon: Skin chemistry is something that is unique to all of us. It can be affected by the medication, supplements or food you consume, hormonal fluctuations and other topical skin care products you use. We recommend sampling perfumes over a period of a few weeks.

Due to the variation of skin chemistry and customer's storage of perfumes, refunds/replacements are not available if a perfume does not meet your expectation with scent and longevity.

Shelf Life and Storage

Perfume oils will stay good for several years when stored properly. Many oil based perfumes will last up to 5 years and possibly longer. However, majority of perfumers will recommend a shelf life of 24 months after opening. 

Store your perfumes in a cool, dry location away from sunlight with the lids tightly on. Oxygen exposure can cause perfume oils to oxidize and over time they can "turn" or go "off" meaning that they could take on a rancid smell. 

All products sold by Femme Fatale are cruelty-free. 

The brands we work with, in addition to Femme Fatale, do not source materials from suppliers known to test on animals. 

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