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Holding a single order due to moving/travelling etc

We can hold a single order for a maximum of 3 months. After 3 months it will be shipped out. If you need a single order held, please just add an order note with the dispatch date during checkout. This is ideal for people who are away from home or unavailable to receive mail for a short period.


The section below is for holding multiple orders with the intent of having them dispatched together to save on postage. 

How to have your order held

To have your order held you must add the Order Hold item to your cart alongside your other items. This applies a $1 service fee to the order and will notify dispatch that it needs to be set aside until you instruct us to ship it with your other orders.

This is a virtual (weightless) item and will not increase your postage cost.

The $1 service fee covers the administrative and stock sorting time that comes with holding and combining orders. We appreciate your understanding. 

Adding an Order Hold to your order makes the entire order FINAL SALE. This means we do not cancel and refund the order if you change your mind. 

What if I don't use the Order Hold item?

Orders placed without this item included will not be held - so it's imperative that you add this to your cart if you wish to bundle and save on postage.

During peak periods (sales, high-volume preorders) we cannot apply Order Hold and combination services retroactively. This means if you did not use the 'Order Hold' item when you placed the order, it will not be applicable for a combination. During peak periods we do not currently have capacity to offer otherwise, apologies. 

! Important !  You can not place following orders and use the order note section, or checkout with the Order Hold item later on; because your first order may have been packed/shipped by this time. 

As we have a LOT of orders come through utilising the combination option, it's really imperative for us that customers use the Order Hold item appropriately where needed otherwise we end up getting bogged down in admin duties. Thank you for your understanding!

How many orders can I combine with this method?

There is no limit. We tend to hold orders for a 3 month maximum. Once your oldest order is on hold for the 90 days, we will ship it out (alone if you have no other orders) or with any other holds you currently have. 

We occasionally will send follow up emails to remind customers that their orders are nearly at the end of the hold period, but unfortunately because we are often quite busy we don't always achieve this. We recommend setting a calendar reminder or checking back on the website regularly for new goodies! 

Do I have to pay postage with each order?

Yes. Postage is still due for each order upon checkout. Excess postage is refunded to you upon dispatch of your order bundle. There is information on the refund process further below.

How to ship my orders? Does it include insurance?

Add the 'Ship Orders' to your cart. It's a virtual so you can checkout alone with it at no cost, or with other items in the cart. The Ship Orders item has a lot of information on the listing as well so please take your time to read through it. If any part of the process is confusing, you are welcome to open a ticket with your questions and we'll be happy to help :-) 

When you request to ship all orders you will need to include a list of your order numbers and pick which carriers you would prefer we use. 

Insurance is NOT included for non-Australian addresses. You will need to select insurance option when using the Ship Orders item. Additional charges may apply. Please note that even if you purchased insurance on individual orders, we ONLY go by what you select on the Ship Orders item. However, it is important to note that the shipping refund is calculated from your overall shipping paid (including any insurance) so all excess will be returned to you in the end, you won't be paying for insurance twice. 

In rare cases international customers may have a higher shipping fee, in the event of shipping fees owed we will send you a PayPal money request. Customers choosing to not pay shipping fees may have their orders cancelled with a 15% restocking fee, and may not be permitted to hold and combine in future.

How do we calculate the postage fee?

The shipping fee you are charged is what we are billed by the carrier. Often the shipping on our website at checkout is lower than the carrier charges, as at times we absorb a portion of postage fees. The final charge for your parcel is also affected by the dimensions, weight and location - these variables are not factored into our website postage as we charge flat rates for weight brackets. This means your final postage fee may vary (both less or more) from the website had you ordered all your items at once. 

Shipping refund

When using the Ship Orders item, you will have the choice of carrier, insurance and refund. Any excess postage available to you can be refunded via your original payment method, or issued as a store credit with 6 month window of use but also comes with an extra 10%!

In some instances a refund will not be applicable. This is most often because the amount of postage paid across the orders does not cover the postage fee we are charged. In this instances we will require the difference to be paid. This happens almost solely with customers who pick Parcel Forwarding shipping per order, but upon time to dispatch the bundle they select DHL. Please keep this in mind if these are the shipping options you may be likely to select. Customers choosing to not pay shipping fees may have their orders cancelled with a 15% restocking fee, and may not be permitted to hold and combine in future.

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