We can hold a single order for a maximum of 1 month. After 1 month it will be shipped out. If you need a single order held, please just add an order note with the dispatch date during checkout. This is ideal for people who are travelling, moving etc. 

Order combinations are now available. The following section is for holding multiple orders with the intent of having them dispatched together to save on postage. 

To have your order held you must add [this item here] to cart then check out. This applies a $1 service fee to the order and will notify dispatch that it needs to be set aside until you instruct us to ship it with your other orders. Orders placed without this item included will not be held - so it's imperative that you add this to your cart if you wish to bundle and save on postage. 

  • We can hold orders (to be combined) for 3 months maximum. After 3 months the order and any subsequent ones will be bundled and dispatched.
  • Holding your order results in items being final sale. This means your order will not be cancelled and refunded if you change your mind and don't want it anymore. 
  • Postage is still due for each order upon checkout. Excess postage is refunded to you upon dispatch of your order bundle.
  • Once you add the 'Ship Orders' item to cart, your order bundle is subject to the regular TAT (found top left of the homepage) unless we're waiting on a preorder item that you have purchased. So a preorder TAT will surpass our regular TAT. 
  • If you are partaking in a Group Buy run in our Facebook group - do not utilise this service. There is a separate ordering system for group buys. 

How do I hold an order?

Add this item to cart in the order you wish to be held. It's virtual (weightless) and will not increase your postage cost.

How do I request that you ship all my orders?

Add this item to cart. It's also virtual so you can checkout alone with it at no cost, alternatively you can include it in an order that you wish to have your other items added to. 

  • When you request to ship all orders you will need to include a list of your order numbers and pick which carriers you would prefer we use. 
  • We will include insurance on every carrier except DHL (as it's an extra $25 - you will need to let us know if you want DHL insurance). 
  • We pick the cheapest option for your bundle; and excess postage is refunded within 48 hours after dispatch (business days apply). 
  • In rare cases international customers may have a higher shipping fee, in the event of shipping fees owed we will send you a PayPal money request. Customers choosing to not pay shipping fees may have their orders cancelled with a 15% restocking fee, and may not be permitted to hold and combine in future.

The $1 service fee covers the administrative and stock sorting time that comes with holding and combining orders. We appreciate your understanding.