All orders we take that are shipping via this method are packed and boxed together every week (or second week); dispatched to our US warehouse via DHL where they are then lodged with USPS and dispatched to you. Depending on how many orders we get (and this is most common at the end of the month) there may be a week where Parcel Forwarding does not dispatch as we don't have enough to fill a consignment. In this instance, it dispatches the following week. 

Due to this process, there is an additional wait period during the TAT and transit. This period can be 1-2 weeks. 

Once the order is shipped to our US warehouse with DHL, your order will be placed on hold and a 'note added to your order' email generated to your inbox. This note explains the hold process; which is basically that until the order is shipped with USPS from our warehouse your order remains on hold. 

Delivery time-frame from us to the US warehouse is 2-5 days depending on customs. Our warehouse usually lodges parcels within 1-3 days. These times exclude weekends. Please note we update your order with tracking only between Mon-Thurs trading hours. If your parcel lodges with the warehouse while we're not in, your order will be updated once we're back in the office. 

So usually a parcel when it leaves us in Parcel Forwarding; will take an average of another week to be dispatched with USPS. Then following this regular USPS time-frames for parcels applies. 


Missing articles will not be replaced or refunded if insurance was not purchased.
The insurance we offer is external from the post system. It is a fee that is optional for you to pay when using the Parcel Forwarding Service. If you do add it to your parcel, it ensures that we will refund or replacement your order should it go missing in transit. However it is important for us to clarify that it is not insurance that is added to your parcel when lodged with USPS, it is purely an extra service we can offer you.